A fairytale about knights and kings, witches and princesses, and a girl who hears a disembodied voice in her head.
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Humanity has been wiped out by hostile AI. Discover why in this short puzzle platformer.


New Logo

Mutant Dream has a new logo! There is also a version with animation and audio that will show up at the beginning of games.
K.I.S.A Devlog 016: Swing Life Away

Kisa swinging on a chain. The yellow dots are points, and the green lines are distance constraints (rules that say point A and B can't be more than X distance apart). Each pair of adjacent points in the chain are connected by a distance constraint, but this results in an undesired "stretchiness" - for reasons detailed in a previous devlog. To fix this, I added a second distance constraint between each point in the rope and the rope's fixed point, which increases stability and allows the rope to swing smoothly and fluidly.
K.I.S.A Devlog 015: Dancing With Swords

A short video of Kisa and The Fool swordfighting. Here, you'll see a few new sword moves, added for variety more than anything else. You'll also notice that kicks are now a knockback move, designed to push enemies back and put them off balance rather than do any damage. I could spend forever tweaking the combat system and adding new moves, but I'm going to leave it as is - for now! For (a given value of) fun, you can compare it to a video of a much older, much worse combat system.

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